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Book Reviews

Enjoy the adventure as you experience World War II from a P-47 pilot's eyes.

David Childs - I am a WWII 9th Air Force Thunderbolt fighter pilot who parachuted from my incendiary torched cockpit, very low, very quick; I hit hard into new snow in a forest glade south of the Moselle and west of the Rhine.

My story is one of events, some chilling, some humorous, always with a drive to survive.


Peggy and I celebrate our 67th anniversary in 2009. We live in Northern Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains. I stopped flying before my visual and age numbers converged. 

Wings and Tracks is currently available at Klindts Book Sellers, The Dalles, Oregon or on line at or call (541) 296-3355. The price of the book is $18.75, the same price as a $25 World War II war bond.

Wings and Tracks is also available at the Arlington Ace Hardware Store, Arlington, Oregon (541) 454-2633, and Country Flowers, Condon, Oregon (541) 384-4120.

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